Concept Note

International Cat Day


Brand Content for International Cat Day can be broadly split into two formats:

1. Consumption: Video, Gifs, Memes
2. Participation: Contests, Quizzes

However, user behaviour is clearly indicative of a need for Personal Expression.

Users like to post photos and videos that capture and celebrate love for their cats.


By leveraging Advanced Facial Recognition and Gesture Detection - We conceptualised an AR Effect for Whiskas that combines the camera behaviour of Pet Owners with the celebrations of International Cat Day.

Users will see an Augmented Whiskas Cake
when they open the FB Camera. The cake will be customised with Whiskas colours and call-outs

The candle will be interactive and can be blown out by the User. The interaction will be as natural as blowing out a real candle.

Confetti, balloons and audio will be added to enhance the overall celebration experience.

User's will instantly be able to share this
personal Whiskas experience within their
social network.


Pet Owners will be reached on Facebook Newsfeed and Stories via AR Ads.

By clicking the "Try It" button, users will be able to experience the Whiskas AR Effect with their Facebook Camera.

When a user shares a photo or video using the AR Effect - their network will be able to try the effect from the shared post.

Dashboard Overview.

Users spend an average of 1:30s interacting with
AR Effects. And with 2x amount of story impressions,
generating Brand Advocacy is easier than ever.

Case Study
Social Check-Ins
From Walk-Ins.

Shoppers Stop engaged In-Store Visitors with an AR Contest. The campaign saw over 10,000 In-Store
entries over a period of 7 Days.

Shoppers Stop
Engaging store visitors
with AR Contest.



People Used
AR On Social


AR might be as big
or bigger than the web.

- Mark Zuckerberg

Life without AR will be unimaginable in a few years.

- Tim Cook

AR is the biggest shift in
tech since the smartphone.

- Satya Nadella

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